Tech Deal Series: M&A

Date:  Friday 31 July 2020
Time:  12.30 - 13.30
Venue:  Online/webinar
Cost:  Free

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Steve Nightingale, Partner Tony Wilkinson, Partner Amy Cunniffe, Senior Associate


This session will explore market practice, common issues and potential pitfalls in tech M&A. We will share our insights from working on both sides of deals.  This event is aimed at founders, venture capitalists and other investors, and strategic acquirers. We’ll cover:

  • An overview of the Tech M&A transaction timeline
  • Negotiating the term sheet
  • Deal terms, including:
    • purchase price (cash, acquirer equity, earn outs, holdback / escrow)
    • risk allocation and value protection (warranties, indemnities, limitations, etc)
    • warranty and indemnity insurance
    • employee / executive equity (close out of existing schemes, and structuring go-forward incentives – including commentary on tax implications).

As part of this we’ll take a look at the Atlassian Term Sheet, published by Atlassian last year as its ‘fair’ term sheet.

Founders and investors, this is an opportunity to start preparing for your exit.  Acquirers, come along to get insights into how to structure your tech acquisitions.  Join us and bring your questions and experiences.

Attend and earn 1 CPD hour.

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